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NIK Baba Limited Profile

Nikbaba registered private medical firm function independently under a valid license number (2093) - (cod # 0101) established in (1999) issued by business licensing department of ministry of commerce of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

So far more than 100 contracts have been awarded to the company where all of them have been successfully implemented and supplied on time with the quality / timely provision.

Nikbaba has been able to timely supply the requied medical products / equipments for purchasing entities including but not limited to nongovernmental organizations ( NGOs ) such as Health Net International, ( Netherland Based Int NGO ) , Care for Afghan families , Merlin ( UK based NGO) IbnSina International Medical Crops IMC ( an American Based Int. NGO ) Medical Resources Cooperation Agency  ( A French Int NGO ) , ( Swedish Committee for Afghanistan ) ( A Sweden based Int NGO ) MDC  Mine Clearance , Charity Organizations such a CPHA German Based and governmental organization such as Ministry of Public Health.

Dedicated staff of the company based on professional experience and firm commitment, has implementation and completion of the contracts.
Based on extensive links of Nikbaba with professional health care providers and health experts and Nikbaba supplies in many cases to date with the optimal quality and reasonable pricing and target customer satisfactions through being competitive in both quality and cost aspects of the supplied goods and provided services.


Nikbaba in committed to provide quality services and supplies through its expertise and capacity to contribute in the development processes and enhance its business in a meaningful balanced way.


To contribute to the improvement of living conditions and health status of Afghans
To enhance its business for further investments
To actively take part in the development territory
To contribute to the capacity and knowledge of Afghan professionals and upgrade the health system and infrastructure of Afghanistan.
To achieve high levels of reputation, trust, and being cooperative and collaborative with its partners and clients.
Main activities for the implementation of the working strategy included:

1. Attract qualified and dedicated managerial and operational staff through the provision of professional and conductive working environment, air rules and regulations and competitive benefit package:

Developing quality control mechanisms and implementing it in its spirits and words;

3. Applying standard and quality work procedures

4. Payment of competitive wages to labors

5. Developing effective internal and external monitoring and evaluation system;

6. Enhance staff capacity through learning by doing, proper supervision and participation in regular trainings;

7. Announcing firm’s assets in regular intervals

8. Payment of taxes in timely manner

9. Conducting external audit of the firm

10. Developing information sharing and information disseminating system and its implementation

11. Developing effective documentation and reporting system and complying with it strictly.

Geographical Coverage:

The firm will be providing services in the entire Afghanistan during the establishment and development stages and will extend its services beyond the boundaries of Afghanistan during the excellence stage.
Achievement Operation:

The firm has established two well equipped offices and appropriate stocks;
The firm has absorbed highly qualified technical staff as advisors and is trying to further enhance its capacity significantly in relevant area;
The firm has obtained already the capacity to respond to highly technical RFPs in different areas;
The firms have established appropriate financial management systems;
The firm so far since its establishment has supplied of provided services under contracts with the price of over USD 100 Million.
The firm has the capacity of undertaken the following Medical projects;