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How to Submit an order Off-line Manually

Instead of a telephone call and giving your orders now you can browse our online products catalog though different categories and sub categories and only need to note the product code from every individual product page by clicking on a product image anywhere on our online store and then you need to send the products code including required quantity, price, your address and contact number by filling in the following Offline order Form and send it to us by either by email at or by Fax number to 202.401269

After submission of your order email or fax please contact us at our customer support telephone number 0799.405005 for sending you our Bank Account details and order invoice for submission of payment and confirmation of your order for delivery to your provided address.

For further details about our delivery, returns and refund of payments please visit our Return & Refund Policies page under customer support section.

Currency Conversion

     We receive orders in both USD and Afghani Currencies and checking the products accurate prices in USD and Afghani Currencies please have a look at the top of website and there you will see " Currency" option and two sign of  "A" which means upon clicking on that sign all products prices will be shown in Afghani Currency and a "$" sign which means upon clicking on that sign all NIK Baba Online Store products prices will be shown in USD for before placing any order in first step you must choose the currency of your choice.